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Dear visitors of our site!
    We really appreciate your precious minute spent to read through this page. Probably this is the only opportunity to get to know each other for the first time. So let us introduce ourselves! Being one among the leading in the world the economy of South Korea is well known for its amazing volume of annual metal-processing.

Automobile industry, manufacturing of household appliances, construction and ship-building industry - are inherently among the most metal-intensive industries.Therefore, the machine engineering for metal-processing industry has naturally become the prominent sector of South Korean economy. Based on experience of developed countries and investing their own kwnoledge and hard work, South Korean machine manufacturers have achieved sagnificant success in a short period of time that allows the Korean equipment to meet the competition with foreign manufacturers of the same equipment. This is related not only to the quality of manufactured equipment but also to another aspect that any customer is concerned about - the price.

Of course, the ways of economic development of our countries are quite different to be simply compared. That is why the practical aspects of constructuion and arrangement of coil-centres and other plants involved in metal-processing industry are also different. Nevertheless, by means of our close cooperation the positive results are not merely presumable but logical, indeed.

Certainly, on this web-site we can not submit the whole range of equipment, able to be ordered in a «land of morning calm». We are just taking the first step toward you, presenting some of our capabilities. Furthermore, the range of equipment we offer is constantly widen out. We will be making some necessary updates of this site as frequently as possible. To get more detailed information you will need to work closer with us in order to prepare a high-quality inquiry that is going to be a good start for your project.

With best regards, MMS International